Sunday, January 14, 2007


I've kept up with all of you pretty well over the phone since I left, so this is mostly to post pictures of my room.

After 1600 long, dry miles through the country and snow my dad and I finally made it here to Glendale, California. We spent two long days getting my room and situation set up, and here it is how it looks as of about 2 pm today:

That's the inside, now for the back:

So that's my humble abode for the next few months. The crack of dawn and cold air wake me every morning. It is pretty different than what I'm used to. The weather and the roads don't make any sense in this state. I entertain myself by reading or drawing when I'm not taking care of those little tasks everyone has to do to live. It's odd that the fast pace of life out here is normal for everyone here.

Classes start tuesday. I'll update again this weekend.

PS - Here are pictures of the snow my dad and I drove through in New Mexico. And a picture of me in case you're worried.


Emma said...

Aww, come on... You look so bored. You've got to be more excited than that to be in California!

luzien said...

Dude, I looked at that room before you took it. Hah, how's your roomie? She still kickin? Lol.........