Sunday, December 24, 2006

This is a test.

Before totally immersing myself in a new environment, let's see if I can make this artblog work at home. This blog will be updated (hopefully) every weekend with some samples of work done for my classes during that week. Maybe it'll even have something useful to say besides reassuring you all that I am still alive and well. Not that I won't be calling and telling you that regularly, of course.

For photographing, I will need a digital camera. Hopefully the school will have them available to check out for all students. Hopefully I won't have to donate a saturday to just learning how to use one. Hopefully I won't have to re-organize my archived art several times before finding a system that really works.

This sentence is RED.

This sentence is not red.


This is all pretty useless text. Let me see if I can't spice it up a bit with some ART!


Damn. That was more difficult than I was hoping. Oh well.

It is my sincerest desire that you enjoyed browsing this first post on my new blog. Too bad the word 'blog' puts a foul taste in my mouth. If you can think of a better term for it, please tell me.



liliana said...

you are undoubtably my hero, just thought you should know that.
Slugs & Fishes, Love Lilly

centexwoody said...

very nice: good to see your room is in shape & ready for getting down to work!

How did weekend go? Obviously you've gotten on-line. I thought you already had a digital camera?